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05 May 2011

Examination & Holiday Message from PERKASA

Assalamualaikum & good day to everyone.

We in PERKASA wish you Good Luck in your Final Exam and do your best in every subjects that you have already taken for this semester. We hope that all of you can gain good marks and thus can archived the Dean's List.

Furthermore, for those that will undergo the Industrial Training, please take this golden opportunity to gain experience and knowledge regarding on Civil Engineering and your task in the future after your graduate. That this opportunity to ask any questions without hesitation and be discipline. Hope all of you have no problem in experiencing the Industrial Training.

Take this advantage to get to know with the industry and venture with them so that in the future, you may need them. Learn the ethics of becoming an engineer or a supervisor. Not forgotten, please behave yourself as you are the representative from Universiti Malaysia Pahang and anything that you do will potray the image of university. Enjoy every moment you have in the Industrial Training and make it one of your good memory.

Last but not least, enjoy this semester break and fill it with any good activities. We in Perkasa wish you all the best and Happy Holiday to Perkasa clan.

Thank you.