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11 September 2009



To determine which tower has the greatest EFFICIENCY failure load / weight of tower model


The number of stude

nts in a group must limited to four (4).

Each group may be supervised by an academic staff

Model must be displayed and presented during the exhibition

Entries not complying to the rules and regulations of the competition will be disqualified


The floating tower must be constructed ONLY from straw, 4 bottles of mineral water (500 ml), a scissors, A3 & A4 paper (2 pieces) and masking tape.

Model Specification

Total tower size

Height: 450 mm (±10 mm tolerance will be allowed without penalty)

Structure tower top width: 150mm x 150mm

Base : 300mm x 300mm

The structure must able to support a test block at the top of the tower.

Only straw, bottle of mineral water and ,asking tape are allowed.

Straw cannot be treated in any way to change its strength or appearance.

Only the amount and type of materials specified and given will be used in the tower.

Before the test of the floating tower, each team must promote their tower - give a sales pitch to the public (5 minutes time limit strictly enforced).

The structure must support the weight for 5 seconds.

Weights will be added at 5 second interval.


Undergraduate UMP

1st - RM 500

2nd - RM 400

3rd - RM 300

4rd - RM 200

5th - RM 100


1st - RM 300

2nd - RM 250

3rd - RM 150

4rd - RM 100

5th - RM 50

*Certificate will be given to all participant


Undergraduate UMP

A registration fee of RM 50 per entry


A registration fee of RM 25 per entry

*The participants have to bear their own expenses for the travelling and accommodation etc.

*Food will be provided.